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Welcome to the home of Agategrrrl's unique and eclectic rock shop. We have agates with inclusions, rough agate, slabs, cabs, polished specimens, crystals, minerals, rare materials, rock collecting books, agate jewelry, copper jewelry, Iris agate, copper art pieces, and MUCH, MUCH, MORE...
Agates of Arizona, California, New Mexico
Come on in to the Agates Gallery and enjoy a visit to Agategrrrl's personal agate collections from Arizona, California, New Mexico, and other locations within the U.S. and abroad.

While you're here, take a look at our online rock shop and browse our newest selection of fine agates and jaspers, designer cabochons, crystals, metaphysical tools, collectible and one-of-a-kind items, and original copper and silver jewelry pieces including unique Iris agate pendants, exclusive to Agategrrrl.

If you are visiting Tucson, Arizona, be sure to contact us if you would like to arrange an appointment to purchase polished agate specimens, slabs for cabs, crystals, hand-crafted jewelry, unique art pieces, or author signed books from Agategrrrl directly.

We welcome inquiries from our friends in countries outside the U.S. and we gladly ship our agates and other products worldwide.

Free Agates For You!

Whenever you purchase any item from the rock shop you will receive a free agate with your purchase.The agate might be rough, a slab, or tumbled, and it will be nice!

***Check it Out***

Be sure to have a look at our newly updated JEWELRY ARCHIVES section. We have added lots of photos of original jewelry pieces from Agategrrrl's past treasure trove of designs for you to enjoy.

Visit agategrrrl's newest fine agate collector websites!

Did you know that Agategrrrl does custom website design for the gem & mineral club and agate collecting community? Check out some of our projects on the WEB DESIGN page for more information.


Get your author signed, best-selling agate collecting book "Collecting Agates & Jaspers of North America" complete with nearly 700 photos of beautiful, rare, and fascinating agates and jaspers that are found right here in the U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico. Both beginning and advanced collectors will love this book! Order yours now  from our BOOKS section.



Click HERE to see all the new jewelry, crystals, & more!

Agategrrrl has finally gotten busy adding some fresh, new  goodies to the store! There are new beautifully polished quartz crystals with inclusions and rainbows, new metaphysical stones and jewelry, and new collectible and miscellaneous items.

Also, Copper Splash art pieces are back! Check out the newest, one-of-a-kind art pieces available in our ART/JEWELRY store section!

copper art, splash copper, quartz crystals, jewelry

Agategrrrl's "Earth Spirit" Copper Splash art.


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Agategrrrl is now making available a wide selection of quality lapidary cutting slabs on Facebook every Tuesday, year round!

For all your cab cutting needs -  Agategrrrl is now selling a wide variety of lapidary grade slabs ranging from nice, inexpensive slabs to fine, high-quality ones every Tuesday at Cabs & Slabs - The Slab Depot on Facebook.

Click HERE every Tuesday to check it out - we hope to see you there!

lapidary cutting material, bumblebee jasper

Bumblebee onyx, just one of the many fine varieties of lapidary slabs that Agategrrrl is offering every Tuesday at The Slab Depot! Don't miss out!


Agategrrrl's latest book"The Crystal Guide" is now available at bookstores nationwide!

Whether collected for their beauty, for research, or as tools in healing practices, The Crystal Guide provides a comprehensive reference to crystals, their purpose, spiritual qualities, and how to identify them in one easy-to-use and dazzlingly colorful book.

Organized alphabetically, the book spotlights more than 200 of the most popular crystals, from andalusite to ziosite, and includes an overview of each one, along with mineral, astrological, chakra, numerical, metaphysical properties, and value.

Other features include:

  • 400+ delightful color photos
  • Tips for locating, buying and collecting
  • Geological formation of crystals
  • Use and care of crystals

You can order your author signed copies HERE on our order page with the item number: BK1

or, you can order your unsigned copies here, at:

collecting crystals, crystal books, metaphysical books



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