Agates of Arizona, California, New Mexico

Above all else, I'd like to say that I'm just your basic, goofy rockhound who happens to love to collect agates, especially banded or fortification types, although I do enjoy other agates with inclusions too - such as tube, moss, plume, sagenite, and so on.  I also very much enjoy collecting Iris agate - the colors are so magical and beautiful!

I'm not a big digger or a commercial collector. I pretty much just surface collect, prospecting and hiking around, picking up beautiful agates as I go. If I come across something really special though, I will bust out the pick & shovel & do a little digging. I've been collecting now for well over 20 years, and collecting agates has truly become one of the greatest passions of my life. I love cutting and polishing the stones that I find, and I also make jewelry and art pieces out of many of the agates that I cut. It is all just too much fun for words!

I try to get out and collect as often as time permits, but the collecting season in the desert southwest is severely limited to about 5 to 6 months of the year due to the extreme heat that we have during the brutal summer season. Needless to say, the summers here are best spent cutting and polishing your treasures while you patiently (not!) wait to be able to get back out in the field again in the fall.

When I'm not busy playing with my rocks, I make and sell silver and copper agate jewelry and multi-media art pieces through a number of fine art galleries. I am also a professional web designer, author, dowser, astrologer, and teacher. I belong to a number of gem & mineral clubs, and am the webmaster for many of them. I specialize in designing websites for rock collectors and agate enthusiasts worldwide. For website design information go to my web design page.


After meeting Agategrrrl online and swapping rocks for about a year, we decided to visit her in Arizona. It meant we could also attend the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show with her as our guide. This was useful as there are so many things to see in Tucson and Patti’s local knowledge steered us to exactly what we were after rather than spending too much time driving from one venue to the next.

Patti introduced us to many wonderful collectors and it was a privilege to see their collections. We then organised to go on a number of fossicking trips with Agategrrrl during our month long stay. Patti was well organised in her planning, suggesting interesting, out of the way places we had never heard of. It was wonderful being in the field with Patti as her knowledge of collecting agates and jaspers is second to none. She showed us what to look for in the landscape that revealed good agate bearing locations. We soon had pounds of quality agates and jaspers to ship home to Australia.

Patti organised our accommodation at each of the fossicking sites which ranged from bush camping through to comfy, heated hotels. We always felt we were in very capable hands and had a great time in Patti’s company. She’s a clever, creative, funny and warm person to spend time with and I hope you get the chance to go rock hounding with Agategrrrl in the extraordinary South West.

Darren Jones, Agate Collector


             "Life shrinks or expands in porportion to one's courage".



The agate glistens
My heart beats fast, I reach down
Now it's in my hand!


agate collecting

Agategrrrl in the field.

arizona rock collecting

Happy rockhounds on a recent collecting trip led by Agategrrrl for Chalcedony Roses in the Arizona desert.

agate necklace

Agate, Turquoise, and Swarovski Crystal copper wire woven
necklace hand-made by Agategrrrl.

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