Agates of Arizona, California, New Mexico
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Testimonials From Happy Agategrrrl Customers!

The agategrrrl website and collecting book by Patti Polk have become great resources for my hobby...The photos make me want to just keep on collecting and collecting.
Keith Osborne, Barkers Vale, New South Wales, Australia
I struck up a friendship with agategrrrl through her website and have been buying fantastic and unusual material ever since. I now have specimens in my collection from locations I didn’t even know existed in Arizona and the USA!
Darren Jones, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I absolutely treasure the beautiful agate necklace and earrings I got from Agategrrrl. The necklace is so unusual and I get compliments on it wherever I go. Thanks Patti!
Karen Baker, Sedona, Arizona

I just picked up your new book (Collecting Agates and Jaspers of North America) this past weekend, and I love it! When I lifted it from the shelf I was wary about how you would be able to encompass so much material, but the job you did was excellent. I stood there, pile of books at my feet, leaning against the shelf, for 20 minutes leafing through it. I could not believe how many sites you were able to cram into 250 pages. Many of those I am missing in my own index. Great reference. Great photos. Easy to use. For a quick reference aimed at the beginner (according to your back cover blurb) you nailed it, but it should be valuable for everyone.
Lowell F. Ventura, CA

Hi Patti,
T he book arrived on the 17th, 2 days after you shipped it. It is truly outstanding! The photography is wonderful and you cover everything that most collectors actually want to see and are interested in. The agate and jasper coverage is top notch and very useful to people like me. You even cover fossils which my wife and I also collect. Your book is maybe the first I have seen which includes prices, which will be extremely useful. Last but not least, the cost is a real bargain for all the color photos. I have a lot of geology books and guides and would rank this as one of the best. All in all, it is just a fabulous book! Nice job!
John S., Webster, NY

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