To view the agates from the various locations, just click on the images below. These are all agates and jaspers from my own collection, and I've personally hand collected all of the agates from Arizona, California, and New Mexico.  The agates from the other locations I have either bought or received in trade from friends.

Most of the agates I collect are from rare or unknown locations that I have found through many years of research and many long miles of hiking and prospecting in remote areas throughout the southwest. Many of my agates aren't exceptionally large, but they are generally nicely colored with good patterns, and are very special to me due to the uniqueness and rarity of their locations.

All of the gallery photos I have taken myself, and I am by no means a professional photographer. I have not altered the photos in any way except to sharpen them, or to do a little color correction to keep them as faithful to the originals as possible.

My X-rated collection is included here just for the fun of it. I have been working on this collection for many years, and very few people have ever actually seen it. If you are easily offended or of a delicate nature, DO NOT ENTER!  You have been forewarned.


new mexico
New Mexico
Other Locations
X-Rated (Enter at your own risk)



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