METAPHYSICAL CRYSTALS, TOOLS AND JEWELRY Selected crystals, metaphysical tools, jewelry, and minerals

All pieces in this section have been either personally hand-selected or hand-made by Agategrrrl. All items have been created and blessed with the highest intentions for peace, joy, compassion, health, and abundance. Blessed be!


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Quartz Crystal
A beautiful, clear, hand-polished quartz crystal with fantastic floating inclusions - and rainbows! A gorgeous crystal filled with strong, positive vibration just waiting for you to take home and love!

CR1: 2 1/2" high x  1 3/4" wide

Quartz Crystal
A large, multi-rainbow, hand-polished quartz crystal. This crystal has a very light smoky cast to it and emanates a powerful healing and uplifting energy. Perfect for any cleansing or healing practices.

CR2: 2 1/2" high x  1 1/2" wide

Smoky Quartz Crystal
Gorgeous hand-polished smoky quartz crystal. This crystal has a number of different mineral inclusions, including chlorite, and produces a strong protective energy. This is a great crystal for placing in your immediate environment, especially near any electronics.

CR3: 2 1/4 high" x  1 5/8" wide

Smoky Quartz Crystal
A sweet little hand-polished smoky quartz crystal. This crystal displays a series of angelic, silvery inclusions and produces a strong sheilding energy. This is a good crystal for carrying with you or keeping in your car for protection.

CR4: 2 1/4" high x  1" wide


Chakra Pendulum
A colorful gemstone chakra pendulum with faceted Swarovski crystal beads, iridescent Spiral of Life bead, and silver-plated dragonfly dangle.
Silver-plated chain and beads.

PE1: 14 1/2" long from tip to tip

Lapis & Quartz Crystal Pendulum
A  lapis and quartz pendulum with small quartz crystal ball on top, Czech glass and lapis beads, iridescent Spiral of Life bead, and iridescent blue faceted teardrop dangle.
Silver-plated chain and beads.

PE2: 16 1/4" long from tip to tip

Quartz Crystal Pendulum
A quartz crystal pendulum with faceted Swarovski crystal beads, iridescent faceted Czech glassbead, and silver-plated heart dangle.
Silver-plated chain and beads.

PE3: 15 3/4" long from tip to tip

Rose Quartz Pendulum
A feminine rose quartz pendulum with faceted Swarovski opalescent crystal beads and a pink iridescent glass fish bead dangle. Heart-centered.
Silver-plated chain and beads.

PE4: 12" long from tip to tip

Amethyst Pendulum
A lovely amethyst pendulum with faceted Swarovski crystal beads, amethyst bead, and silver-plated hummingbird dangle.
Silver-plated chain and beads.

PE4: 14 1/4" long from tip to tip

Quartz Crystal Pendulum
A quartz crystal pendulum with faceted Swarovski crystal beads, small quartz crystal ball on top, and a natural rough opal aura crystal.
Silver-plated chain and beads.

PE4: 17" long from tip to tip

Quartz Crystal Pendulum
A chunky faceted quartz crystal pendulum with rainbow inclusions, faceted Swarovski crystal beads, and a polished double-terminated quartz crystal dangle.
Silver-plated chain and beads.

PE4: 11 1/4" long from tip to tip



Egyptian Scarab Earrings
Intensely colorful Swarovski iridescent scarab glass dangles with purple faceted glass beads, seed beads, and silver-plated beads and ear wires. Electric!

MJ1: Earrings length: 1 1/4" long

Crystal Heart Earrings
Dazzling, white-hot Swarovski crystal hearts ablaze with bright, multi-color reflections! Light up the room with these sparklers any time of the day or night.

MJ2: Earrings length: 1"

Rainbow Spirit Earrings 
Vibrant and striking dangle earrings with Swarovski crystals in brilliant chakra colors with copper findings.
Copper is known to have many health benefits such as aiding in the healing of arthritis, strengthening the immune system and helping to prevent gray hair.

MJ3: Earrings length: 1 1/4"

Rainbow Spirit Earrings 
Dangle earrings with faceted Swarovski crystals in fiery red, orange, and yellow to energize the lower three charkras. Copper findings & metallic copper faceted beads.

MJ4: Earrings length: 1 1/4"

Quartz Crystal Necklace
11 Quartz crystal points interspersed with Turquoise rondelles and sterling silver twisted beads. Silver-plated clasp and findings.
11 is a master number and is the most intuitive of all numbers. It is instinctual, charismatic, dynamic and capable when its sights are set on a concrete goal.

MJ5: Necklace length: 18 1/4"

Peruvian Chrysocolla Pendant
A gorgeous blue-green Peruvian chrysocolla cabochon accented with a shimmering freshwater pearl and large faceted quartz crystal gemstone. Sterling silver.
Chrysocolla promotes peace of mind and is a soothing stone.

MJ6: Pendant length: 2"

Amethyst/Druzy Pendant
A  sparkling Flame Aura druzy quartz cabochon complemented with a vivid purple-violet faceted amethyst gemstone, beautifully set in sterling silver. Amethyst is known for it's properties as a spiritual stone with high vibration. Amethyst  guards against psychic attack and enhances serenity.

MJ7: Pendant length: 1 1/2"

Quartz/Ocean Jasper Pendant
A beautiful sterling silver pendant set with a teardrop-shaped Ocean Jasper cabochon topped by a large faceted quartz crystal gemstone. Ocean Jasper facilitates alignment of the chakras and reminds people to be helpful to one another.

MJ8: Pendant length: 2 1/2"


Psilomelane Pendant
A very powerfulyl protective stone, this silvery banded psilomelane cabochon is enhanced by a lustrous freshwater pearl and bezel-set in sterling silver. A potent gift for yourself or for someone who needs safeguarding.

MJ9: Pendant length: 1 1/2"


Variscite Pendant
A  very gemmy variscite cabochon bezel-set in sterling silver capped with a brilliant faceted white topaz gemstone. Variscite aids in bringing forth hope and courage.

MJ10: Pendant length: 1 3/4"

Druzy Heart Pendant
A sparkling, natural druzy chalcedony heart-shaped pendant set with a slver-plated bezel and bail. Chalcedony  enhances general well-being and is an excellent cleanisng stone.

MJ11: Pendant length: 1 1/2"

Moss Agate Bracelet
Sweet, multi-color moss agate stone bracelet with faceted Swarovski crystals. Moss agate is a very grounding stone and promotes calmness.
Copper beads and clasp.

MJ12: Bracelet length: 8"

Labradorite Bracelet
Colorful labradorite coins interspersed with faceted iridescent Swarovski crystals create a bracelet custom made for enhancing trust and guarding against unwanted intrusions. Silver-plated clasp and findings

MJ13: Bracelet length: 8"

Rose Quartz Bracelet
Rose quartz rondelle beads combined with silver-plated round and oblong beads make for a harmonious and heart warming bracelet. Perfect as a gift for a loved one. Silver-plated clasp and findings.

MJ14: Bracelet length: 8"

Quartz Crystal Bracelet
An asymetrical copper bracelet with faceted quartz crystal focal bead, three copper beaded dangles, quartz crystal, matte finish Czech glass beads and faceted Swarovski crystal beads.
Copper beads and findings.

MJ15: Bracelet length: 8"

Quartz Crystal Earrings 
Clear quartz crystal earring points topped with silver electroplated caps and silver-plated findings. Energizing and beautiful.

MJ16: Earrings length: 1"

Druzy Quartz Bracelet 
Flame Aura druzy quartz focal stone. bezel set with multiple link chain.
Flame aura quartz is useful for spiritual initations and rituals.
Secure silver-plated fish hook clasp, chain, and findings.

MJ17: Bracelet length: 8"

Druzy Quartz Necklace  
Rough Champagne Aura druzy quartz chalcedony stone suspended from a gold Sunshine Aura druzy quartz bezel-set stone. The silver-plated chain is accented with opal crystal faceted beads
Champagne Aura quartz is helpful for spiritual ibalancing, and Sunshine Aura quartz is good for stimulating and cleansing the sollar plexus chakra.

MJ18: Necklace length: 18"
Pendant length: 4 3/4"

Earrings length: 1"



Schorl Tourmaline in Quartz
A prime specimen of natural, rough black schorl tourmaline crystals embedded in translucent gray quartz. There are three individual tourmaline crystals, the largest being approximately 4" in length by 3/4" wide.
Schorl tourmaline is one of the most important stones of protection and defense against negative thoughts, energies, and situations.

MS1: 4" x 3 1/4" x 2 1/2"
Wt: 1 lb. 12.5 oz.
$30.00  SOLD

Moqui Ball (Shaman Stone)
Moqui Balls or Shaman Stones are ironstone concretions that occur in the Southwest USA. They may be either male or female depending on their shape. This one is female. Moqui Balls are Earth-connected and can be both spiritually energizing and realaxing at the same time. Moqui Balls are also helpful with astral journeys and vision quests.

MS2: 1 1/2" wide x 1 1/2" high

Blue Kyanite
This is a four piece lot of kyanite crystal blades. The longest is 3 1/4" and the shortest is 2" long. Two have intergrown crystals and two are single bladed crystals. Kyanite is a highly regarded attunement crystal and a powerful amplifier of  high frequency energies. .

MS3: 2" - 3 1/4"

Black Kyanite
A very clean and well articulated specimen of black kyanite showing a bladed spray formation. Black kyanite  helps to ground the body during meditation and spiritual healing sessions.

MS4: 2 1/2" long by 1" wide

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