ROUGH MATERIAL   Rough agate and jasper lapidary material for cabbing, faceting, slabbing, or tumbling.

Rough sizes are generally measured by length by width by depth at the widest points - or in lots by the pound, ounce, or gram. Some rough pieces are shown damp to represent the colors when cut & polished.
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blue banded agate, arizona

Blue Banded Agate
Beautiful, solid, light blue banded rough agate from a new find by Agategrrrl in central Arizona.

RO2: 3" x 1 3/4" x  2"
Wt: 5 oz.

Burro Creek opalite rough

Dendritic Opalite Lot
Pretty dendritic opalite & pastelite from Burro Creek, Arizona in colors of  grey, gold, white, tan, cream & black. This material polishes up beautifully into very nice cabs.
Largest piece is 6" x 4 1/4" x  1 3/4".

RO5: Wt: 2 lbs. 9 oz.


SLABS   Cut agate and jasper slabs suitable for cabbing or face polishing for display.

All slabs are measured by length by heigh by depth at their widest points. Photos are taken in daylight and slabs are shown wet to better approximate their colors when polished.

I disclose all visible flaws as clearly as possible - but, as with any rock or mineral, sometimes there can be hidden fractures that are not apparent to the naked eye and are only discovered when pressure is applied to the stone.

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To order, note the item number and add it to the ORDER page.


sagenite agate slab

Sagenite Agate
An unusual slab with white sagenite sprays & druzy pockets on a grey/tan translucent background. Some pitted areas on the back, but overall a nice solid piece for cabbing. From a private Agategrrrl location in Arizona.

SL1: 4" x   3 3/4" x  3/16"

Laguna agate slab

Fortification Agate
Very pretty slab with fortification pattern in delicate pastel colors of peach & light pink. There are a couple of small, shallow fracture lines, & 2 tiny druzy pockets. Colorful cabbing material from Laguna, Mexico.

SL2: 3 1/2" x  2 3/4" x 3/16"

dino bone slab

Dino Bone
Colorful dino bone slab, suitable for cabbing.Colors of yellow, grey, pale blue & white with black webbing, A nice solid slab from an old collection.

SL3: 4 1/2" x  3" x 3/16"

Dryhead agate slab

Fortification Agate
Dryhead fortification agate slab in red, gold, tan, brown, & grey with a small druzy pocket. Fracture free & ready to cab.

SL4: 4" x  2" x 3/16"
$30.00   SOLD

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